Head shot of John Rafferty.

John Rafferty chats with Vision Australia

John Rafferty chats to Vision Australia about "matters of blindness and low vision", as well as how to drive achievement and equality.

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A daisy player.

DAISY audio book launch: The Dead Husband Project

Join CNIB at the GTA Community Hub to officially launch the DAISY audio version of The Dead Husband Project, by Sarah Meehan Sirk.

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Boy and mother smiling

Travis's battle

At two years old, an E.coli infection almost took Travis's life and stole his sight.

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Woman using a smartphone

Phone it Forward

Donate a smartphone. Change the life of someone who's blind.

Phone It Forward gives Canadians a unique opportunity to donate their old smartphones, receive a tax receipt, and empower people who are blind in the process.

Smartphones make a tremendous impact on the lives of people who are blind. Accessible smartphone apps make it possible to do all kinds of things that may have seemed challenging before.

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A group of campers huddle in a circle. arms are raised in the air.

Registration for the 2019 Lake Joe season is now open!

At Lake Joe, people living with sight loss and their families can enjoy the same summer pursuits as other Canadians: canoeing, campfires, kayaking, cycling, waterskiing, swimming, sailing and fishing. Plus, there’s skills training, confidence building and support from a community that understands living with sight loss.

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Volunteer Opportunities

CNIB Holiday Gift Wrap Kiosk

Get wrappin' with CNIB!
CNIB is actively recruiting volunteers to provide gift wrapping services to shoppers at the CNIB Holiday Gift Wrap Kiosk at the Pickering Town Centre.

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CNIB Ambassador

Contribute to increasing knowledge by educating the public about vision health, living with vision loss and CNIB programs and services.

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