Ottawa Senators players play with puppy in locker room

Puppy love: Ottawa Senators fall in love with future guide dog, Rookie

Here's a riddle for you… What's small and furry and has 23 foster dads in the NHL? The answer? A CNIB future guide dog named Rookie!

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A white cane leaning against a yoga mat


Participants meet weekly over the winter to practice yoga, meditation and breathing techniques.

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Boy and mother smiling

Travis's battle

At two years old, an E.coli infection almost took Travis's life and stole his sight.

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Woman using a smartphone

Phone it Forward

Donate a smartphone. Change the life of someone who's blind.

Phone It Forward gives Canadians a unique opportunity to donate their old smartphones, receive a tax receipt, and empower people who are blind in the process.

Smartphones make a tremendous impact on the lives of people who are blind. Accessible smartphone apps make it possible to do all kinds of things that may have seemed challenging before.

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iPhone being held in a hand.

CNIB Halifax Hiring

Lead, Technology

CNIB Halifax is hiring a program lead, who will responsible for delivering programs that teach people with vision loss how to use technology to improve their lives.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer UI/UX Developer

Provide feedback and guidance on development of an iOS game including screen layouts, user interactivity, UI elements, game flow and design aesthetics. Candidate will play an iPhone game and determine best practices to improve usability, accessibility and the game’s “fun” factor.

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Vision mate

Provide weekly one-on-one sighted assistance to a person with vision loss in their home or community.

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