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Ben Mulroney holding a weeks-old puppy, a yellow Labrador-Retriever.

Dollars for Dogs: Puppy lovers of Canada, we need you

By Ben Mulroney, CNIB Guide Dogs Sponsor

Right now, COVID-related border closures and pandemic restrictions mean Canadians can’t get the guide dogs they need. There’s been a 300 per cent increase in demand for CNIB Guide Dogs. It’s a crisis.

In the face of today's pandemic, not being able to see what six feet apart looks like, bumping into others, not being able to see arrows on the floor, or how many people are in an elevator has all led to some very uncomfortable and unjust situations.

We're suddenly living in a touchless world and for people with sight loss life just became a whole lot more difficult.

The need for CNIB Guide Dogs is urgent. CNIB Guide Dogs relies solely on the support of the public and they urgently need your help. Guide dogs require a high level of training and they're indispensable to those they help.

As much as my family loves our dog, I know it can’t compare to the connection between an individual with sight loss and their guide dog. You can bring that connection to every Canadian waiting for their guide dog.

Become a CNIB Guide Dogs Sponsor. I’m so glad I did. I know you will be too. You're just one click away: