CNIB Guide Dogs Logo: A sketch of a dog in harness sitting beside the words "Mobility, safety and confidence""

CNIB Guide Dogs

At CNIB, we believe that everyone who would like to have a guide dog should have that opportunity. That's why we're proud to launch CNIB Guide Dogs, a new program to raise and train guide dogs exclusively for people with sight loss.

CNIB Guide Dogs Logo: A sketch of a dog in harness sitting next to the words "CNIB Guide Dogs"

About CNIB Guide Dogs

We believe everyone who would like to have a guide dog should have that opportunity. At CNIB Guide Dogs, we raise, train and match dogs with Canadians who are blind or partially sighted. We also raise our voices to ensure people with sight loss have opportunities to live, work and play without barriers.
Four CNIB guide dogs stand in front of their handlers legs.

Applying for a CNIB Guide Dog

Learn more about the CNIB Guide Dog application process and apply today!
CNIB Guide Dog wearing yellow vest

Guide Dog Legislation

Get informed about Canadian legislation pertaining to guide dogs.
Future Guide Dog running towards the camera

Puppy Raising

Learn what goes into raising a future guide dog and apply to be a Puppy Raiser!
Photo of CNIB guide dog: Black Lab wearing a yellow vest.

Guide Dog Assistance Fund

Find out about financial assistance for extraordinary veterinary expenses. This fund is available to guide dog handlers from any guide dog school.
Photo of a black lab puppy wearing a CNIB Guide Dogs yellow vest

Support CNIB Guide Dogs

Support a future guide dog that will help give freedom and independence to a person with sight loss.
A woman holding a Yellow Lab, who is wearing a yellow vest, in her arms.

Guide Dog Gazette

This is where you'll learn how CNIB Guide Dogs is transforming the lives of Canadians with sight loss. Funded by charitable donations and enabled by the selfless contributions of volunteers, our innovative programs and powerful advocacy are changing what it is to be blind for guide dog handlers across Canada.
Three guide dogs in graduation caps.

CNIB Guide Dogs – Class of 2019

After extensive training, CNIB Guide Dogs is proud to announce the class of 2019. Twenty-five partnerships across Canada graduated on November 22, 2019. Graduation ceremonies were held in St. John's, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver.

Third level terms

The top half of a Black Labrador's head on yellow.

Become a Guide Dog Champion

Guide dogs and their handlers are allowed access to any premises to which the public would normally have access. It’s the law. Show your support for guide dog teams in your community and become a Guide Dog Champion!
Two golden retriever puppies

For Educators

Find out more on how guide dogs train, how to behave around a guide dog and how guide dogs are different from pet dogs.
CNIB guide dog handlers with their puppies

For Guide Dog Handlers

Get information on Canadian legislation relating to guide dogs, tools on advocating for your rights and information on our Guide Dog Assistance Program.
Ashley and Danika with two Lab/Golden Retriever crosses (one black and one yellow) wearing graduation caps.

Success Stories

A collection of stories about CNIB Guide Dogs making a difference out in the community!