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Ontario Parents of Visually Impaired Children (OPVIC)

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OPVIC (formally VIEWS) is a volunteer organization of parents of visually impaired children/youth focused on empowering families and advocating for our kids in Ontario. OPVIC is a friendly and supportive organization of parents, family members and guardians of children with any amount of vision loss.

OPVIC can:

  • Connect you with other parents, guardians and family members of children and youth with vision loss. You can get practical tips from each other on parenting a child with vision loss. 
  • Give you quick access to helpful information, resources and tools on your parenting journey.
  • Give you a chance, from the comfort of your home, to take part in our free educational programs. You can learn from experts and peers about effective ways to help your child grow, become independent, and succeed in their education and future life after school. We have partnered with CNIB to provide these educational programs for you over the internet or by phone.

OPVIC advocates for reforms to provide more opportunities for children. You can benefit from, and take part in, their advocacy to the Ontario Government and local school boards to get them to improve how they meet the needs of students with vision loss.

Together, we are stronger. Together we can support each other. Together we can help you learn from the experience of others.

Membership is free. Visit the OPVIC membership page to sign-up.

Are you a teacher, a physician, optometrist or other professional working with children with vision loss or their families? If you know any parents, guardians or family members of a child or youth with vision loss in Ontario, please encourage them to join OPVIC.

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