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Introducing the CNIB Foundation

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We're evolving into an organization that's more ambitious, vibrant and forward-thinking than ever. And we want to show that evolution to the world. Today, we would like to introduce you to the new CNIB Foundation. 

A brand that is vibrant and confident, as we embrace an assertive new voice for the future. You'll see this website has a bold, fresh new look. 

We're committed to making our brand as inclusive and accessible as possible. In addition to the bright, optimistic and attention-grabbing characteristics associated with the colour yellow, we chose yellow and black because it's a universal palette of visibility and contrast. We added white to that palette because, when placed against black, it is also known to improve the readability of text for many people with reduced sight.  You'll also notice it features a minimalist design scheme that's intended to be as accessible and readable as possible, as well as a new visual identity with bold, black brushstroke imagery throughout.

This exciting transformation of our brand represents the boldness of our ambitions and our optimism for the future. We're thrilled to have you join us on this new journey as we help change what it is to be blind.

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