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The CNIB Foundation announces new partnership with IrisVision

August 05, 2020
TORONTO, August 4 – The CNIB Foundation, Canada's largest non-profit serving people with sight loss, has signed a new partnership agreement with IrisVision, global leader in digital vision technologies.

IrisVision’s visual assistive device allows users to access and amplify their limited sight. The wearable device is FDA registered, and helps users with a variety of eye conditions including age-related macular degeneration, Stargart disease, and glaucoma.
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The CNIB Foundation and Vision Loss Rehabilitation Ontario announce the cancellation of the 2020 Eye Van Tour

August 04, 2020
The CNIB Foundation and Vision Loss Rehabilitation Ontario announce the cancellation of the 2020 Eye Van Tour.
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Legislation on COVID-19 disability payments receives Royal Assent

July 28, 2020
On Monday, Bill C-20 received Royal Assent. This legislation will provide a one-time, non-taxable and non-reportable payment of up to $600 to support Canadians with disabilities to assist with expenses incurred during the pandemic.
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CNIB Guide Dogs celebrates class of 2019

November 18, 2019
After extensive training, CNIB Guide Dogs is proud to announce the class of 2019. Twenty-five partnerships across Canada graduated today. Graduation ceremonies were held in St. John's, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver.
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Accessibility of Insulin Devices Survey

July 20, 2020
CNIB's advocacy team is conducting research about the accessibility of insulin pumps for people who are living with diabetes and sight loss. As part of our research, we are launching a survey that will help us better understand the accessibility issues people face when administering insulin.
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Tele-Townhall with CNIB's National Youth Council

July 15, 2020
Join CNIB's National Youth Council to learn about federal government supports and programs for students in response to COVID-19. 
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The CNIB Foundation’s Angela Bonfanti Chats with Joan Kelley Walker

June 25, 2020
Angela Bonfanti, the CNIB Foundation’s Senior Vice President of Foundation Programs, recently chatted with Joan Kelley Walker about how the Foundation is adapting its summer programming and fundraising initiatives in a time of COVID. Watch their chat and learn more!
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CNIB Foundation offers free educational manual – The ABC’s of iOS: a VoiceOver Manual for Toddlers and Beyond! – to help children with sight loss learn how to use technology during the COVID-19 pandemic

June 23, 2020
TORONTO – June 22, 2020 – As students and families adjust to remote learning during COVID-19, the CNIB Foundation has released a free version of its iOS training manual for children with sight loss. The ABC's of iOS: A VoiceOver Manual for Toddlers and Beyond! ensures educators and family members have the tools to teach a child who is blind or partially sighted how to use iOS with VoiceOver.
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CNIB Response: Small to Medium Business Barriers Consultation – June 2020

June 18, 2020
We are pleased to take this opportunity to respond to the provincial government's consultation on developing the small business success strategy for Ontario. There are approximately 681,000 Ontarians living with sight loss.
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CNIB Response: Ontario’s Plan to Reopen Schools – June 2020

June 11, 2020
We thank the Ministry of Education for the opportunity to provide input into Ontario's plan to reopen schools and summer educational programs for students. It is estimated there are 1,500 to 2000 students in Ontario who are blind or partially sighted. For years, parents, students, educators and organizations have been advocating to improve the education system to ensure students with sight loss have opportunities to thrive developmentally and academically at every stage of their education.