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A woman wearing grey pants and a pink shirt looks in a mirror with an insulin pump on her hip.

Accessible Insulin Pump Roundtable

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On May 19, 2021, organizations representing Canadians with sight loss, Canadians living with diabetes, government, academia and insulin pump manufacturers, met to discuss the inaccessibility of available devices that help people manage their diabetes effectively. 

The need for accessible diabetes management devices such as insulin pumps are significant. There are 750,000 people living with diabetic retinopathy in Canada, not including many more who live with other sight conditions unrelated to diabetes. Even so, there is no accessible insulin pump available on the international market today. As a result, those with sight loss and diabetes are unable to use their insulin pump safely or independently because each device uses visual features for navigation and data outputs.

Diabetic retinopathy is the fourth leading cause of sight loss in Canada and the leading cause of blindness among working age adults in the United States and worldwide. 

Together, the undersigned have discussed this issue, based on the lived experience of Canadians with sight loss and diabetes. An individual’s treatment and monitoring of their diabetes must be done independently, safely and must be accessible. We will work together to find an accessible solution for the use of insulin pumps – now and in the future. 


Diabetes Canada 
Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians
Canadian Council of the Blind 
CIO Strategy Council
Diabetes Wellness Windsor 
National Federation of the Blind 
Tandem Diabetes Care
Ypsomed Diabetescare Canada

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