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Unified English Braille (UEB) Transcription Course

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This intensive course leads to certification in UEB, qualifying you to transcribe English print materials into contracted braille. It’s geared to transcribers, proofreaders and teachers of braille reading. There is no fee for those accepted as CNIB braille volunteers and you don’t need prior braille knowledge.

Course overview:

  • 22-lesson correspondence course
  • Each lesson includes transcription and reading exercises to be submitted for marking
  • 10-15 hours required to complete a lesson
  • Work with an instructor
  • Instruction manual From Print To Braille With UEB provided.

Course requirement:

  • Access to The Rules of Unified English Braille (the Rulebook), available as a print PDF file or as a braille file from the ICEB website.


  • contracted braille
  • punctuation and commonly used symbols
  • type forms
  • accents
  • basic technical concepts
  • mathematical symbols
  • fractions
  • spatial arrangements
  • superscripts and subscripts
  • basic format: paragraphs, braille page numbering, major headings and lists


At the end of the course, to obtain certification, candidates need to write the Transcribers test to test their knowledge of braille transcription. In most case your instructor will initiate the process. 
This certification is the prerequisite to take the UEB Technical test, and to enrol into the Music and Nemeth courses.

Note: Please have your certified instructor email us with their recommendations (CNIB recognized certified transcribers).

Fee: $500
To register, please email