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A woman holding a Yellow Lab, who is wearing a yellow vest, in her arms.

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Welcome to the Guide Dog Gazette!

This is where you'll learn how CNIB Guide Dogs is transforming the lives of Canadians with sight loss. Funded by charitable donations and enabled by the selfless contributions of volunteers, our innovative programs and powerful advocacy are changing what it is to be blind for guide dog handlers across Canada.

Past Issues


Spring 2021

Puppy Pointers: Benefits of group training
Inside Scoop: CNIB Guide Dogs' class of 2021 graduating on International Guide Dog Day
Access Tales: Guide dog info sessions now available for taxi companies
Humans with CNIB Guide Dogs: Shelley & Rookie
Children with CNIB Buddy Dogs: Deepa & Chelsey
Raising Rhonda
Dollars for Dogs: CNIB Guide Dogs calls for support through Urgent Expansion Campaign
Get ready for the second annual CNIB Guide Dogs Pup Crawl!
Pup-dates: Volunteers "down under" raising future CNIB Guide Dogs

January 2021

Puppy Pointers: Training with positive reinforcement
Inside Scoop: Getting your dog acquainted with winter weather conditions
Access Tales: Fines imposed under Blind Persons' Rights Act
Humans with CNIB Guide Dogs: Tim & Harlow
Children with CNIB Buddy Dogs: Austin & Dickson
Raising Hero
Dollars for Dogs: Puppy lovers of Canada, we need you
Pup-dates: Giving the term ‘rescue dogs’ a whole new meaning

November 2020

Puppy Pointers: House training
Inside Scoop: Giving someone Hope
Puppy Tales: Dani meets her buddy dog, George
Access Tales: #DeniedARide Movement
Humans with CNIB Guide Dogs: Larissa & Piper
Dollars for Dogs: 10-year-old Kaiden meets his new buddy dog, Flinn
Pup-dates: My CNIB Guide Dog training experience
Travel restrictions lead to increased demand for CNIB Guide Dogs

September 2020

Puppy Pointers: Importance of crate training
Inside Scoop: Keeping long cane skills sharp after getting a guide dog
Puppy Tales: Ambassador Dog Ziggy visits Ollie
Access Tales: The "new normal" for guide dog handlers
Humans with CNIB Guide Dogs: Tracy & Marion
Dollars for Dogs: Indy and Percy move onto advanced training
Pup-dates: Guide dogs are essential workers, yet guide dog teams face discrimination daily

July 2020

Puppy Pointers: Importance of routine
Inside Scoop: Spotting anxiety in guide dogs
Puppy Tales: Meet Garry, a star student and future guide dog
Access Tales: Dining out with a guide dog
Dollars for Dogs: CNIB Guide Dogs Pup Crawl
Meet Christopher Warner: Author of “Tommy Wants a Guide Dog”
When Landon met Ruggles
Pup-dates: Canine Campus – where dogs become CNIB Guide Dogs

May 2020

Pup-dates: Coping with COVID-19
Inside Scoop: Meet Erin and Winston
Introducing Puppies to Family Pets
Puppy Pointers: The Tellington Touch
Puppy Tales: Meet Zach & Elsie

April 2020

Puppy Pointers: Socializing a future guide dog
Puppy Tales: A brotherly bond
Dr. Bennett’s Office: COVID-19 – human and animal health
AdvoCorner: Welcome to Access Tales
Dollars for Dogs: Guide Dogs with Purpose Gala
Inside Scoop: Training a future CNIB Guide Dog
Pup-dates: CNIB Guide Dogs welcomes new president

January 2020

Puppy Pointers: Identifying calming signals
Inside Scoop: Matching a guide dog with someone who is blind
Puppy Tales: Becoming a puppy raiser
Dr. Bennett’s Office: Exercise for puppies
Dollars for Dogs: The Piper family and 3D Petroleums
Pup-dates: From puppy to partner

November 2019

Puppy Pointers: Future Guide Dogs and Chewing
Inside Scoop: Meet Ashley & Danson
Puppy Tales: Becoming a Buddy Dog
Dr. Bennett’s Office: The holidays bring plenty of sweet treats with toxicity risks for our dogs…
AdvoCorner: Toronto Police Service educates community about the rights of guide dog handlers
Dollars for Dogs: Mary & John Crocker
Pup-dates: Graduating Class of 2019

September 2019

Puppy Pointers: Socialization
Inside Scoop: Training with Daisy
Puppy Tales: Meet Mason & Queenie
Dr. Bennett’s Office: Ticks and tick-borne diseases
AdvoCorner: Discrimination against guide dogs
Dollars for Dogs: Mary Weingarden
Pup-dates: Introducing the CNIB Guide Dogs Team

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