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CNIB Participant Agreement

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CNIB strives to offer a safe, respectful, and open environment for all its participants, volunteers and employees. My participation in this program implies that I have read the CNIB Participant Code of Conduct, that I am in agreement with it, and that I will abide by it. 

As a participant in CNIB programs, I have the right to: 

  • Be treated respectfully by all CNIB employees and volunteers.
  • Be offered engaging programming that responds to the needs or wants of Canadians living with sight loss. 
  • Participate in CNIB programming safely. CNIB strives to create an accessible, diverse, inclusive, and safe space for all Canadians living with sight loss. 
  • Have my opinion heard. If I have concerns, issues or suggestions I have the right to express them at the appropriate time to the program lead, to the concerned CNIB employee or to the Contact Centre.

While participating in CNIB programs and activities, I agree that:

  • I  will be respectful towards all other participants, volunteers, and employees regardless of their race, ethnicity, culture, religion or lack of religion, gender, sex, sexual orientation, age, or ability. 
  • I will respect the confidential nature of the group. What is discussed within the group stays within the group. I will not share other participant’s contact information without their express consent. 
  • I will respect others participation and opinions. One person speaks at a time. I will share my own opinions and not speak for others. I will allow others to share and will not interrupt. 

While participating in CNIB programs and activities, I agree that:

  • I will not engage in violent behaviour of any kind. I will not engage in any unsafe behaviour, demonstrate anger, threats, violence, or intimidation of any kind, directed to individuals, affiliations, or organizations.
  • I will not participate in a program or activity while inebriated or intoxicated.
  • I will not use words, jokes, gestures, or actions that may offend or embarrass other participants, staff, or volunteers or be disruptive to the program.
  • I will not invite others to CNIB programs or activities unless they have also signed up using the appropriate methods. This means I will not send Zoom, Teams, Skype links or share phone numbers to CNIB programs or activities to individuals. Everyone must sign up with CNIB appropriately.