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A woman wearing eSight glasses stands in a subway car.

Embracing the Power of eSight

Yvonne Felix has lived her entire life with sight loss. She was diagnosed at an early age with Stargardt disease, which causes sight to deteriorate over time. 7 years ago, when she was offered an opportunity to try an assistive device that would enhance the functional sight she did have, she was immediately intrigued.

The device, known as eSight, uses a high-tech camera which allows users to enhance, pause and zoom in on live footage. The assistive device allows her to use the functional vision she still has to enhance her daily life and engage socially with her friends, family and community.

"Being able to watch school plays, to see the faces of my kids; it's those interactions that are truly priceless," says Yvonne.

"In such a short time, the technology has evolved so much," she says. Since she first tried eSight, it has had several improvements and changes.

"Its lighter, and the optics have improved a lot," she explains. "But what I'm most impressed with is the training they've developed. It has really opened up access for people to try this technology – to see if it is a good fit for them and their lifestyles."

For Yvonne, access to technology like eSight has been truly impactful. She recognizes that embracing technology is the way of the future – for everyone.

"Everyone on this planet uses technology as an assistive device – our phones are just as much a piece of assistive technology for someone who is blind or partially sighted or completely able bodied."

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