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Phoebe and her sister walking with Ray in a field of grass; Phoebe and Ray sitting on Ray’s dog bed; Phoebe with her mother, sister and Ray standing in a field.

Children with CNIB Buddy Dogs: Phoebe & Ray

“I have never had a dog before, but my sister has always wanted one. When my family heard about CNIB Buddy Dogs, we thought that would be good for our whole family. I was nervous at first, but Ray was so sweet and gentle that I was happy to meet him! Ray is a black Lab who is so friendly, smart, and fun. He has taught me to like dogs. He never does anything wrong, and he loves me! Ray is so good at doing what we ask him to do. He is also really calm and confident. We like to go on nature walks or just lay together on the floor. People always say how he is the best…and he is the best! Everyone loves Ray and they joke about taking him home with them. I tell them ‘No way!’ If I could tell Ray anything, I would say thank you for picking me and you’re the best!” – Phoebe, age 7

A buddy dog is partnered with a child/youth between the ages of 7 and 16 who is living with sight loss. Whether it’s feeding, grooming or walking this well-trained family pet, this will give the child an opportunity to care for a dog, and make it easier to transition into a guide dog partnership in some cases. If you think your child could benefit from being partnered with a CNIB Buddy Dog, please contact Miriam Mas, Program Lead, Buddy Dogs & Ambassador Dogs.