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Zach and his CNIB Buddy Dog Elsie sitting in their backyard. Elsie is wearing her yellow CNIB Buddy Dog vest and Zach has his arm around her.

Children with CNIB Buddy Dogs: Zach & Elsie

“When I met Elsie for the first time in August 2019, I was both excited and nervous. Before Elsie, I was uncomfortable around dogs, which is why I was so happy when CNIB told my family about CNIB Buddy Dogs. Caring for a dog is a lot of work and I wasn't sure if I could handle it. But I was excited for the new responsibility, and to learn how to take care of a dog so I would be ready when it's time for me to get a guide dog. It was the right decision! Elsie is such a wonderful and caring girl. She was especially helpful when I was recovering from my most recent eye surgery – she didn’t leave my side the entire time and comforted me through it all. When we’re not cuddling together, you can usually find her carrying her toys around the house and looking for someone to pet her. My favourite moments with Elsie are when we’re just hanging out together, cuddling and playing and having a good time. She is such a calm, sensitive and affectionate dog. You are a good girl, Elsie!”

-Zach, age: 14


If you think your child could benefit from being partnered with a CNIB Buddy Dog, please contact Miriam Mas, Program Lead, Buddy Dogs & Ambassador Dogs.