Regional legal support and resources

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Understanding legislation and standards protecting your rights and ensuring the law is working for you are key parts of advocacy.

This includes:

  • General accessibility policies and plans
  • Information and communications standards, such as information in alternate formats
  • Employment standards, like accommodations during recruitment and application processes
  • Transportation standards, including audible stop announcements and paratransit
  • Design of public spaces and built environment standards 
  • Customer service standards, such as support persons and service animals
  • Standards for healthcare and education, currently under development

Resources – Alberta

Alberta legislation

Blind Persons' Rights Act: This covers topics including guide dogs in public areas and rental units

Right to employment: Supporting information on the Alberta Human Rights Act and your right to employment in Canada

Parent or guardian of someone who is blind or partially sighted

Updated Safety Codes Act: Covers your right to barrier-free living


Resources – Northwest Territories 

NWT Human Rights Act: Supporting information on the Northwest Territories Human Rights Act and your right to employment in Canada

NWT Disability Strategic Framework: 2017 – 2027: Outlines the direction for future actions in the disability community of NWT