Use Aira Free for Business!

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Do you ever wish you had someone to be your eyes when doing business tasks? Maybe you’d like accounting assistance, help picking an outfit for a business event, or a description of products or logos. That’s now possible with Aira and Intuit’s new partnership. Use Aira for free when doing any tasks related to your business, and Intuit will sponsor it. 

Intuit Quickbooks is a convenient tool for your accounting needs. It lets you keep track of expenses and sales, pay employees and more. Aira is an app that allows you to be independent by connecting with an agent who acts as your eyes and talks to you in real time. This is done through your smartphone or Smart Glasses.  

If you or someone you know would benefit from this special Aira and Intuit promotion, check out the Aira app. 

Here’s how you can sign up: 

  1. Register as a Guest or Explorer.  

  1. Go to “Call Using a Free Offer” 

  1. Click “Promotions” 

  1. Click “Small Business Owners”.  

  1. Enter some information about yourself and your business to become eligible.  

  1. Use the app for free when doing any business-related tasks. Tasks include reading business materials or resumes, cleaning your workspace, presentation assistance and more.  

For more information, check out Aira’s website or download the app on Google Play or the Apple app store.