Men with canes crossing at a cross walk.

Clearing our Path

The CNIB Foundation developed the first edition of Clearing Our Path in 1998 to address the need for information on creating accessible environments for people who are blind.
A group of 5 people sit in a circle at a support group.

Diabetes & Vision Loss - Monthly Teleconference

Join Dr. Tyceer (an Endochronologist from Windsor) for a monthly teleconference about diabetes and vision loss.
Client studying using CCTV

The Ross C. Purse Doctoral Fellowship

The Ross C. Purse Doctoral Fellowship encourages and supports theoretical and practical research and studies at the doctoral level in the field of vision loss in Canada.
The Venture Zone logo (a lightbulb with a dollar sign inside) is shown on a yellow background.

CNIB Venture Zone: Game Tournament - Toronto

Bring your competitive side out and test your entrepreneurial chops at the CNIB GTA Hub! Learn about running a business risk-free and vie for the top score with CNIB's new Venture Zone Game. Get the highest score and win prizes, including a Venture Zone Champ t-shirt, candy, and a trophy.
A woman using CCTV

CNIB Barbara Tuck MacPhee Award

The CNIB Barbara Tu​ck MacPhee Award supports researchers in the field of macular degeneration.
Teen girl with sight loss smiling and wrapping arm around her guide dog

Ontario annual reports

View the CNIB Foundation Ontario's annual reports.
Sunu band. A black plastic wristband

Technology Workshop: Introduction to Sunu Band - Toronto

Join us for an introduction to Sunu Band - a smart-band that helps guide users around obstacles. Using sonar or echolocation to detect objects up to 16 feet or 5.5 meters away, Sunu Band sends haptic vibration feedback to inform users how close (or far away) they are to obstacles.
A father and daughter ride a tandem bike at Lake Joe.

Family Programs

Our family program gives people with sight loss and their families an opportunity to enjoy the splendour of Muskoka on beautiful Lake Joseph in a safe and inclusive environment. Activities are available for all ages and there are also events just for adults, youth and kids.
A woman sits on the grass at Lake Joe with her guide dog.

Adult Mini-Camp

Enjoy our three-night, four-day adult mini-camp to get a taste of the Lake Joe experience.
A group of 5 people sit at a table and play a game of cards.

Adult Weeks

Escape and spend a week on the shores of beautiful Lake Joseph in Muskoka. Whether you are seeking adventure or relaxation, we have something for you.