Meet our volunteers

Meet some of our dedicated and passionate volunteers. These volunteers -together with staff- create programs, provide services, raise awareness and advocate for social change. 

Shruti helping a caller at reception

Meet Shruti

“My primary job was to train volunteers on how to interact with, and what to expect from their blind and partially sighted “mates”. Through sharing my own story and experiences I was able to help put them at ease with regards to their vision mate role.”
Dorothy smiling

Meet Dorothy

Dorothy raises funds that make new programs possible!
Dining and Wine-ing in the Dark, Night Steps to Bakesales! “If I can help raise funds and raise awareness of how CNIB has helped me and can help others, it is worthwhile”
Carol with Verna in a garden.

Meet Carol

Vision Mates like Carol directly help individuals in their community!
Barely a month into my new role, I can’t imagine post-employment life without Verna and Buster.
A compass, and caliapers resting on top of a drawing of machine parts.

Meet Bill

Leadership Volunteers like Bill create change!
Bill's professionalism, leadership and dedication are easy to see in all he puts his mind to, from volunteering with us at CNIB – and through his 39 years as a Professional Engineer.

Meet Alexa

I’m a recent graduate of the University of Windsor’s biological sciences and psychology program. It’s been seven months since I started volunteering and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience and the relationship we’ve developed. For more of Alex's story
Charlene Young

Charlene Young

Giving Back – Charlene Young's Story
For Charlene Young giving back is more than just a passion, it has given her life more meaning.
Veronika and her guide dog

Meet Veronika

Group facilitators like Veronika change lives!
"It helped me make sense and find a purpose for my pain by knowing I was able to help others going through the same experience”