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Dorothy Macnaughton was diagnosed in infancy with retinopathy stemming from a premature birth, Dorothy needed glasses by early childhood. During her 30s, she suffered rapid vision loss, which ended her career as an elementary school teacher.

Macnaughton turned to the CNIB for help. In the late 1990s, she began serving on the CNIB Library Board and now chairs the CNIB’s Regional Leadership Council – North.

Dorothy’s volunteer efforts also extend to fundraising even though she proclaims that fundraising is not her forte. Her preferences are grassroots events, as she feels it is something most people in smaller or medium-sized communities enjoy supporting.  Her grassroots fundraising began 30 years ago with bake sales, yard sales, book sales and ticket sales. More currently, in the fall of 2017, Dorothy and CNIB staff organized a very successful Night Steps My Way event. Where Dorothy was their top participant.

Early in 2018, in honour of CNIB’s 100th Birthday, Dorothy with a small group of friends organized the Sault Ste Marie Wine in the Dark event. They recruited wine expert Vinnie Greco then arranged the venue, music from local students, sourced volunteers, sold tickets, made food and even approached local wineries for donations. 

Dorothy’s volunteer commitment on that day alone ran from 9 a.m. to midnight. Dorothy and her friend made 13 different appetizers. In total, 10 volunteers successfully implemented this unique event that has now become the CNIB event to model. Five wine and food tastings were on offer and the team successfully hosted 60 paying guests who happily demanded the “same again next year!”.

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