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Transforming our communities into beacons of accessibility and inclusion

One of our partners in accessibility, Key2Access, is a Canadian technology start-up with an innovative approach to accessible pedestrian crossings.

For people who are blind or partially sighted, crossing an intersection can be challenging and sometimes dangerous. Making physical contact with the pole and the inconsistency of pole placements can render pedestrian push-buttons or even Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) inaccessible especially during our harsh Canadian winters.

Key2Access makes crossing intersections safer and easier for people with sight loss, by taking the button on the pole and putting it in the hands of those who need it most thanks to its wireless city solution (Key2Access Receiver) and its unique pedestrian devices (K2A Mobile App and K2A Fob).

The free mobile app or handheld fob connect wirelessly to the K2A Receiver, which is installed in the intersection’s existing infrastructure. The platform focuses on elevating the cities current infrastructure and will complement any existing APS or traditional pushbutton solution as well as service intersections with no buttons.

The K2A Mobile App makes the experience of navigating intersections safer and easier by:

  • providing a real-time alert on arrival at the intersection, so you know exactly where you’re standing;
  • letting you remotely select the street you want to cross, and make a crossing request, without having to find and reach a pole-mounted button;
  • confirming your crossing request and providing a clear, audible signal and countdown when it’s safe to cross;
  • providing information about barriers or hazards at an intersection, such as construction or route closures, along with alternate navigation guidance.

By introducing wireless requests to cross through hand-held pedestrian devices, Key2Access is eliminating the physical barriers that exist at intersections not only for those living with sight loss but also those who have mobility challenges. Key2Access is the ideal solution for our increasingly “smart” communities and mobile-connected pedestrians.

Hear from users of Key2Access in this Testimonial video:


Key2Access is available to download for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Key2Access enabled intersections:

  1. Brossard, QC
  2. Halifax, NS
  3. Lethbridge, AB
  4. Montreal, QC
  5. Mount Pearl, NFLD
  6. Ottawa, ON
  7. Paradise, NFLD
  8. Stratford, ON
  9. St. John's, NFLD
  10. Sudbury, ON

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To learn more about Key2Access, contact:

T: 343-999-9998

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