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Gift in your will FAQs

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How do I make a gift in my will?
Making a gift in your will is a lot easier than you think. All it takes is three simple steps. More on making a gift in your will for CNIB.

Can I set up my gift through the CNIB Foundation or do I need a lawyer?
You’ll need to set up your gift through your lawyer. We're happy to answer questions, or help you prepare to meet with your lawyer.

What happens if I want to add to, change, or stop my gift?
You can alter your will through your lawyer at any time.

I'm not comfortable giving a large amount. Would anything I leave be helpful?
Absolutely. Making a gift in your will allows you to choose to leave a small percentage of your assets. It will still make an enormous impact in our work.

Can I choose what CNIB Foundation programs and services my gift benefits?
Yes. We’re committed to directing your gift to the programs important to you, in the community you want to help.

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