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Gift of RRSPs or RRIFs

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Build your charitable legacy supporting a cause that is important to you. Making a gift of RRSPs or RRIFs allows you to make a continuing impact on the CNIB Foundation's clients while ensuring your family's security and lifelong income. 

A gift of RRSPs and RRIFs can provide significant tax benefits. Your estate receives a tax receipt for the value of the donated funds, which helps offset taxes on your estate. Your gift will not be subject to probate fees.  

​Our dedicated specialists can answer your questions about making an RRSP or RRIF gift. You’ll need to work with your lawyer or financial advisor to make a gift of RRSPs or RRIFs. If you don’t have a lawyer or financial advisor, we'd be pleased to help you find an experienced professional in your community.

By donating RRSPs or RRIFs, you’ll create a legacy and help us be there for people who need us well into the future.

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For more information on planned giving, contact Ruth D'Souza at 1-800-563-2642 ext. 7006 or

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