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In addition to the practical legal information handbooks, the Know Your Rights team has produced a series of educational videos that will help you better understand your rights.


Keya's Story:  Know Your Rights – Constantly Frustrated

When Keya goes to a medical office for an appointment, she finds an inaccessible queue. Watch how Keya asserts herself to ensure she receives the same level of service as anyone else.



Victoria's Story:  Know Your Rights - Denied Access

Victoria is stopped by a security guard from entering a public building because of her guide dog. Watch how Victoria stands up for her rights to make sure that businesses follow the law.



Audrey's Story:  Know Your Rights – Unaware and Out of Touch

Audrey is Deafblind and is often accompanied by an Intervenor. When Audrey attends a medical appointment with her intervenor, the doctor acts in a way that hurts her dignity. In this video, Audrey explains what everyone should know about common courtesy when working with someone who is Deafblind.



Malini's Story:  Know Your Rights - Small Text. Big Problems

When Malini goes for a medical appointment, she’s given a form that’s inaccessible and a staff person violates her right to privacy. Watch how Malini ensures her rights are respected and that she receives the same level of service as anyone else.

The Know Your Rights project was graciously funded by The Law Foundation of Ontario.

Logo: Law Foundation of Ontario. Text byline: Advancing access to justice.

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