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Through the Know Your Rights Project, the CNIB Foundation has developed plain language legal information and resources (fact sheets, videos, training, etc.) to empower Ontarians who are blind, partially sighted or Deafblind to better understand their rights, navigate the Ontario legal system and self-advocate to challenge discrimination. 

The project began in the fall of 2018 when the development of these important resources was graciously funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario.

"We began the Know Your Rights project by convening focus groups across Ontario. We found many patterns of discrimination, with serious issues in the workplace, housing, and accessing services," says Avery Au, Project Lead, Know Your Rights.

In addition to the handbooks, the Know Your Rights team has produced several educational videos, and facilitated training for CNIB staff and community partners.

"Our goal was to present this information in a way that speaks directly to our community’s specific experiences and concerns," says Avery. "We have invested in training CNIB staff to be more knowledgeable and confident in their ability to provide relevant legal information and connect participants with legal services."

The CNIB Foundation continues to seek out opportunities to advance this vital work. We will be working with law students from Pro Bono Students Canada over the next year to expand our legal information resources.



The Know Your Rights project was graciously funded by The Law Foundation of Ontario.

Logo: Law Foundation of Ontario. Text byline: Advancing access to justice.

The CNIB Foundation is so incredibly grateful to have had the support and assistance of these legal non-profit institutions: 

  • ARCH Disability Law Clinic
  • Human Rights Legal Support Centre
  • Ontario Justice Education Network
  • Community Legal Education Ontario

Please note that any errors or omission contained in the Know Your Rights legal education materials are the responsibility of the CNIB alone. 

The Know Your Rights project was made possible by a team of dedicated volunteers who contributed their time and expertise to provide valuable input, suggestions, and recommendations. We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of: 

  • Amir Shafie 
  • Audrey Southorn
  • Avesta Alani
  • Emma Arenson
  • Jason Mitschele
  • Malini Ondrovcik
  • Margaret French
  • Mathew Dueck
  • Michael McNeely
  • Michael Sidarose
  • Naghmeh Attaran
  • Nicole Yantzi
  • Ray Smith

The 2018 – 2019 Know Your Rights Project team was Avery Au, Shannon Kinch, Kat Clarke, and Duane Morgan.  

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