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We advocate on the premise that everyone should be able to participate in all aspects of society. It’s helpful to understand legislation and standards that protect your rights to ensure the law is working for you.

Provincial legislation – Manitoba

Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA) 

This includes:

  • The Customer Service accessibility standard, which addresses business practices and training requirements to provide better customer service to people with disabilities. It is now law. For more information and resources, visit the AMA website.
  • The Employment accessibility standard will address practices related to recruitment, hiring and retention. It is now law. For more information and resources, visit the AMA website.
  • The Information and Communications accessibility standard will address barriers to accessing information provided in print, in person, on websites or in other formats. Under development.
  • The Design of Public Spaces accessibility standard will deal with access to areas outside the jurisdiction of The Manitoba Building Code, such as sidewalks, pathways, parks and aspects of the environment we design and construct. Under development.
  • The Transportation accessibility standard will apply to public transportation to address barriers you might encounter while getting to work or school, shopping, socializing and other aspects of daily life.

Read CNIB’s comments the Draft Accessibility Standard for Information and Communications here: