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Become a National Elections Advocate

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CNIB is working on a bold and ambitious advocacy campaign that will coincide with the federal election in October. We are launching a call for National Elections Advocates in each of Canada’s 338 federal electoral ridings to spread the message that accessible, affordable technology is central to the independent lives of Canadians who are blind or partially sighted. Join us as a National Elections Advocate in your community by engaging with federal candidates, voters and community organizations.

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By becoming a National Elections Advocate, you will be making a difference for people who are blind or partially sighted in your community and across Canada by making sure their concerns and issues are heard. Sign up today!

Responsibilities and Tasks as a National Elections Advocate

  • Attend your local CNIB "TechNow!" town hall.
  • Attend local debates and ask questions about "TechNow!".
  • Share campaign information and key messages on social media.
  • Send letters to the candidates in your riding to find out how, if elected, they would work to improve the lives of Canadians with sight loss.
  • Contact the candidates in your riding with a follow-up phone call or email.

Qualities, Skills and Training

  • Excellent communication skills and confident speaking on the phone and in-person.
  • Strong public speaking skills and comfortable delivering presentations.
  • Comfortable interacting with elected representatives and senior officials.
  • Ability to make connections and mobilize others to act.
  • Ability to keep calm even in high pressure situations or in conflict.
  • Ability to articulate key messages clearly and concisely.
  • Reliable, organized and able to work with minimal supervision.
  • You’ll learn about CNIB, our community and sight loss.