Current campaigns in Saskatchewan and resources

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The CNIB Foundation Saskatchewan is stepping up its commitment to advocacy. The provincial funding we’ve received to cover Vision Loss Rehabilitation Saskatchewan services enables our Foundation to focus on providing programs to address the social and emotional needs of people with sight loss. We continue with advocacy to break down barriers and create an inclusive society. 

Here are the two areas of advocacy we are working on in Saskatchewan:  

Guide Dog User Access

CNIB Saskatchewan is advocating for increased Guide Dog User access.  While included in the Saskatchewan Human’s Rights Act, many times Guide Dog Users are not allowed in public spaces or left at the curb by a taxi due to their guide dog.  We are working with municipalities to enforce current legislation and to include Human Rights Legislation in the licensing for ride-share options so that no one is left on the curb.

Smashing Accessibility Barriers

CNIB Saskatchewan is advocating to create more accessible public spaces. These include curb cuts, audible pedestrian signals and better wayfinding in places like the new stadium. We’re advocating to improve transportation issues around rural service, charges for guide dogs by new carriers and making sure the audible announcements are available on all transit. Our CNIB Regina office has indoor navigation beacons to show the public how this technology can be used to assist someone who is blind or partially sighted navigate independently. We’ll lend our voice at the provincial level as we work towards the implementation of the Canadian Disabilities Act in Saskatchewan.  

If you are interested in advocating for change download an Advocacy Toolkit here.