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Airline Passenger Protection Regulation

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Canadian travelers with sight loss have new legal rights when their air travel plans go awry. With the Airline Passenger Bill of Rights, which became law on July 15, 2019, Canadian airlines are required to adhere to new accessibility regulations. Prior to this date, airline companies and airport terminal operators only had to abide by a voluntary code of practice. These new regulations are now mandatory and give you more rights. The new regulations include:

  • Providing information on recourse mechanisms in large print, Braille, and/or digital formats (upon request);
  • Announcing travel updates such as delays and cancellations in both visible and audible formats;
  • Ensuring all website content is accessible for people relying on assistive technology;
  • Giving the opportunity for passengers with sight loss and their support person or service animal to disembark the aircraft first

CNIB is pleased to see our advocacy efforts taken into consideration in the Airline Passenger Bill of Rights, that specifically indicate equal access to information and enhanced accommodations for Canadians who are blind or partially sighted. Find out more at the Canadian Transportation Agency website