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Meet Travis Spilak

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Shan Noyes is legally blind and worked at SaskTel in Regina for more than 25 years as a technical analyst. 

His supervisor, Travis Spilak, has worked with him for more than six years. "I don't feel that my experience working with Shan has been much different than my experience working with any other individual,” he says.

Spilak previously worked with Ian Widdup, another SaskTel employee who is blind. He says both experiences were positive.

"Although there may be some specific challenges for people who are blind or partially sighted that need to be kept in mind in the workplace, it isn't really much different than the requirements of other people I work with,” says Spilak. 

Workplace accommodations were minor for Noyes. His office has a door, so his voice-over computer software and phone don’t disturb his coworkers. His private office space also prevents distraction for his guide dog, Danson.

Noyes also has a braille keyboard, scanner and uses optical character recognition software. Flexible work hours help with public transit schedules.
SaskTel says it prizes diversity in the workplace.

Noyes agrees. "Don't get hung up on a person's lack of vision, but instead focus on what the positive impact that individual can bring to your company."