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Welcome to the CNIB Venture Zone podcast! Check out some success stories below and get inspired.

Below are two of our podcasts, but you can find much more on our SoundCloud page here.


A portrait shows Burn 365 co-founder Mina Nishigori from the waist up, smiling.
Courtesy Mina Nishigori

Burning calories and building community with Mina Nishigori

Mina Nishigori lives with sight loss and runs a family seafood business.
Now she's launching a fitness studio with a focus on two of her passions: health and community.
For her, that means long days and juggling responsibilities, but she has no plans of slowing down.
The CNIB Venture Zone spoke to Mina about her business and how she does it all.
Listen to Mina's podcast for more!





Entrepreneur Pina D'Intino laughs with CNIB's Jacklyn Gilmor as they record a podcast in the CNIB studio
Pina D'Intino and Jacklyn Gilmor have fun making a podcast.

Business, blindness and balance with Pina D'Intino

Pina D'Intino runs an accessibility consulting company and is the recipient of a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal for her work in accessibility.
She talks working long hours, balancing other commitments, and doing it all with sight loss.
To listen to Pina's podcast click here!