Marie Claire Bilyk, who is an entrepreneur, smiles and stands by a garden.

Success stories

Pina D'Intino and podcast host Jacklyn Gilmor sit in front of a microphone in a recording studio.

Podcast: Business, Blindness and Balance with Pina D'Intino

Pina D'Intino runs an accessibility consulting company and she's also a serial entrepreneur.
Check out her story!
Mina Nishigori, who co-owns Burn 365 Fitness, smiles while sitting in a chair.

Podcast: Burning Calories and Building Community with Mina Nishigori

Mina Nishigori has been in the business world for years. She runs her family's seafood import and export business. Now she's launching a fitness studio with a focus on health and giving back to the community, two things that spark her passion. Click to listen to a podcast with Mina.
Marie Claire Bilyk smiles, standing in front of a garden outside.

Business in bloom: Marie Claire Bilyk

When Marie Claire received a business grant from Goodwill, she became determined to grow and succeed. Find out how she started Blossom Fitness and rose above the competition.
A person's hands type on a typewriter with a mug of tea beside them on the table.

Becoming an independent author

Have you ever wanted to write a book, but the idea of going through the publishing process seemed too daunting? Find out how two people with sight loss became self-published authors.
Hillary Scanlon stands in front of a CNIB community hub wearing the shirt with her brand on it: Sustainability Through an Inclusive Lens.

Meet innovator Hillary Scanlon

Watch the video to learn about how 23-year-old Hillary Scanlon is developing tactile indicators to make waste disposal more accessible.
Close up of Neena's hands painting in blue on her sketch pad.

Meet Neena Avery

Neena Avery loves painting and crafting, but she used to give away her wares. Then, she decided to sell them on Etsy and have her own business.
DJ Shane Cashin laughs while wearing headphones.

Meet DJ Shane Cashin

Shane Cashin is a DJ who is partially sighted. He runs a successful business in St. John's, Newfoundland.
Kevin Shaw stands at a desk where he is promoting his company, TellMeTV.

Meet CNIB's entrepreneur-in-residence Kevin Shaw

Meet Kevin Shaw, the Program Manager for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at CNIB. He's a serial entrepreneur who's the founder of two companies and has experience being a DJ.
Image shows a podcast microphone in a recording studio.

Where talk meets tech: Nelson Régo

Nelson Régo wasn't a tech guy. That is, until he lost his sight and decided to take over a website on technology. Now he owns Cool Blind Tech and makes podcasts. Read his story to find out how he got here.
Frontier Computing owner Chris Chamberlin smiles while sitting at a desk in the CNIB Bayview office.

Meet Chris Chamberlin of Frontier Computing

Watch this video to see the story of Chris Chamberlin, who owns Frontier Computing, a company that sells assistive technology.