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Internships, returnships and mentorships

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In partnership with employers, CNIB’s internship/returnship/mentorship program creates opportunities for people wanting to enter or re-enter the workforce.



Our internship program works for clients with little to no paid work experience. The program helps to secure an employment opportunity with CNIB employer partner to provide a real, valued and established position in the company.

Interested individuals apply to participate in the six-month (or longer) internship position. Internship positions are designed to fill an organizational need and are positions that the employer is looking to fill.

If you're interested in an internship through CNIB, contact



Our returnship program creates opportunities for clients who've had an established career but, due to their vision loss, are no longer able to continue in this career. The returnship program also works with a six-month placement within a CNIB employer partner with the goal of full-time employment at the end of the placement.

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CNIB's partner employers allow interns to grow and learn in their positions, developing valued skills. Employers open an opportunity on their team for a new member who is able and expected to fulfil all position requirements.

CNIB is always eager to bring more partner employers into our program.

Employers may reach out to the Career Support Program directly and express interest in providing an opportunity for our clients with vision loss.