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Rehab Services Quebec

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Vision loss rehabilitation is specialized training that gives people who are blind or partially sighted the practical skills they need to live safely and independently.

Rehabilitation services are personalized and may include:

  • maximizing your remaining eyesight through lighting and contrast 
  • learning new ways to cook, shop and manage your home 
  • connecting you with devices and apps that make life easier 
  • training on how to use a white cane 
  • travelling in the community and using transit 

Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada is the leading provider of this vital training for the rest of Canada. 

In Quebec these crucial services have been integrated within the continuum of care and funded by the provincial government for decades. You can access it through rehabilitation centers. Because of this, our goals are more focused on the evolution of our charitable programs. As we move forward, we’re evaluating our Quebec services to pinpoint how we can continue to develop these offerings to improve the quality of life for our clients and create a more inclusive society in our province.

Receive rehabilitation services

Getting started with rehabilitation is simple: 

  1. Talk to your ophthalmologist, optometrist or other health care professional about the impact of sight loss in your life and how rehabilitation could help. 
  2. Ask for a referral to CNIB by calling 1 800 465-4622 and learn about other useful resources. 
  3. Contact the rehabilitation center nearest you.