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Rehab services in Manitoba

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Vision Loss Rehabilitation Manitoba

Vision-loss rehabilitation is specialized training giving people who are blind or partially sighted the practical skills they need to live safely and independently.

Rehabilitation services are personalized and may include:

  • maximizing your remaining eyesight through lighting and contrast
  • learning new ways to cook, shop and manage your home
  • connecting you with devices and apps that make life easier
  • training on how to use a white cane
  • travelling in the community and using transit
  • pre-employment assessment, training and educational funding
  • resumé writing, job-search counselling and job retention
  • assessment to find assistive technologies that meet your needs.
  • training sessions in using your assistive technologies.

Vision Loss Rehabilitation Manitoba is the leading provider of this vital training in the province.

Visit the website for a list of what they offer.

Request rehabilitation services

Getting started with rehabilitation is simple:

  1. Talk to your ophthalmologist, optometrist, or other health-care professional about the impact of sight loss in your life and how rehabilitation could help.
  2. Ask for a referral to Vision Loss Rehabilitation Manitoba, using this secure online form.
  3. You’ll hear back from Vision Loss Rehabilitation Manitoba within two weeks to get the ball rolling.