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Support groups and programs

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Peer support

It's not unusual to feel depressed, angry or alone when you experience a loss of sight. There will probably be times when you wish you had someone to help you work through these feelings. If you're struggling to overcome the emotional challenges of sight loss, we're here for you. Peer support groups are held in areas across British Columbia and in Whitehorse, YT. Peer mentors are also available over the phone. They give you the opportunity to connect with others who are living with sight loss.

Vision odyssey: adjustment to vision loss program

This six-week, structured course is for those new to vision loss, or experiencing further deterioration of their sight. Share stories, feelings and advice, while learning about adjusting to life with sight loss.

Connections groups

After completing Vision Odyssey, join one of our ongoing connections groups. Led by volunteer facilitators, the themes vary by region. The blind parent connections group is for those with sight loss raising sighted children. 

Peer mentors

Volunteer peer mentors offer one-on-one adjustment to vision loss support over the phone to those who are new to vision loss or experiencing further deterioration of their sight.


To participate in our peer support, connections group, vision odyssey program or to learn more about peer mentors, contact Ruanne Vent-Schmidt, program coordinator, peer support toll-free at 1-800-563-2642 ext. 6004 or email