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Parenting with Vision Loss

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Support groups for new or future parents who are blind or partially sighted let you share your experiences, find resources and learn tips to make daily life easier. This six-to-seven week program will help you identify your fears and, together with the other parents, find ways to overcome them. The goal of  this group is to help new or future parents who are living with sight loss to develop adaptation strategies and to become more autonomous within your new or future role. 



Loive with sight loss and have a child under the age of five, or plan to have a child in the near future.



In the comfort of your home, via telephone.

This group is offered by CNIB Ontario and people in Quebec are welcome to participate.



“I really enjoyed the CNIB groups that equip parents like me to reconcile their partial vision with the arrival of their child. These groups reduce the isolation that many of us feel and enable us to share our tips and tricks. I encourage you to participate. The meetings are fun, inspiring and empowering.”

CNIB client Mélanie 

Registration and Information

Contact Najla Noori, psychosocial services and youth program manager: 1-800-465-4622 ext. 232, or 514-934-4622 ext.232 in the Montreal area