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Adjustment to sight loss 

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It's not unusual to feel depressed, angry or alone when you experience a loss of sight. There will probably be times when you wish you had someone to help you work through these feelings. If you're struggling to overcome the emotional challenges of sight loss, we're here for you. 

To support to those who are trying to adjust to the psychological and practical challenges of vision loss. These group of 8 weeks are offer by a psychosocial counsellor. Participants can share their stories and feelings, give advice and learn about adhusting to their new reality. 


Topics list

Session #1 : Introductions, group rules and outline of weekly discussion topics.  

Session #2 : The objectives and strategies for adjusting to vision loss.  

Session #3 : Resources and services  

Session #4 : Grief  

Session #5 : Stress management  

Session #6 : Self-affirmation  

Session #7 : Social relatioships  

Session #8 : Group wrap-up and evaluation of your personal goals



By phone and in the CNIB Quebec Office depending on the session.



Consult our calendar to know when is the next session of Adjustment to sight loss peer-support group.


Registration and Information

Contact Najla Noori, psychosocial services and youth program manager: 1-800-465-4622 ext. 232, or 514-934-4622 ext.232 in the Montreal area