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Other Volunteer Services

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If you are living with sight loss in Nova Scotia, CNIB has many skilled volunteers that can provide a variety of services, including: 

Digital Transcription
Whether it's an old letter, recipe cards, or a phone list, CNIB volunteers can transcribe your print material into a digital format that is readable by your computer screen reader. It is your responsibility to deliver/retrieve the original material (in-person or via mail). The digital copy can be provided via email or CD

Braille Transcription
CNIB volunteers are able to braille short transcriptions of print materials such as certificates, cards, or short notes. At least two weeks notice must be provided.

Recording (short) books
If you have a short book, which you'd like recorded, which is not yet available in audio format, CNIB volunteers are able to record your book and provide you with the audio files on a CD playable in any CD player. Projects cannot be time sensitive, as recording may take significant time, depending on our volunteer's availability and the difficulty of the book.

Demonstrating basic computer and smart phone functions
Have a new smart phone or computer and just need a little help getting started with the basics (email, magnifier, editing documents, Facebook, texting, etc.)? CNIB volunteers can visit you in your home and provide some basic assistance to get you started! If you need additional help with advanced accessibility features, we encourage you to reach out to Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada for training.

Completing tax returns
During tax season, CNIB has a volunteer who complete basic tax returns with your assistance. Please contact the CNIB Office for more information.

CNIB volunteers ARE NOT ABLE to provide transportation.