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The top half of a Black Labrador's head and the words "Guide dogs belong everywhere. It's the law" and CNIB Foundation logo, In partnership with Guide Dog Users of Canada

Become a Guide Dog Champion

CNIB is working to raise awareness about the rights of guide dog teams and the legal responsibilities of Canadian businesses. 


  • Guide dogs and their handlers are allowed access to any premises to which the public would normally have access. It’s the law.
  • Show your support for guide dog teams in your community and become a Guide Dog Champion!

Here's how:


Display 'Guide Dogs Welcome' in your business's window

  1. Call 1-800-563-2642 to order your very own FREE window decal.
  2. Display it at your business’s storefront or checkout to show your support of guide dog teams in Canada and to raise awareness that guide dogs are legally allowed anywhere the public has access.


 Half of the top of the head of a black Labrador and the words "Guide dogs are welcome everywhere." It's the law. »As well as the logo of the INCA Foundation, in partnership with Guide Dog Users of Canada


Help spread the word

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  • Challenge other business owners in your community to become Guide Dog Champions. Speak to them about the rights of guide dog teams and encourage them to display a "Guide Dogs Welcome" decal in their storefronts.

  • Print our colouring activity sheet for children or youth visiting your establishment to complete! The activity sheet features an illustrated guide dog team that can be coloured however the artist chooses, in any setting they can imagine going with their guide dog.

  • Talk to your friends, family and colleagues about the rights of guide dog teams in your community.

  • Print this Guide Dogs Fact Sheet and share it with your employees so they are familiar with the rights of guide dog teams and the legal responsibilities of businesses.


Share on social media

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  • Follow CNIB on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and share our posts about guide dogs.

  • Post a photo of your “Guide Dogs Welcome” window decal displayed in your business using the hashtag #GuideDogChampion.

  • Take a photo of a guide dog team in your establishment – with their permission, of course! Share the photo using the hashtag #GuideDogChampion.



Make guide dog teams feel welcome

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  • The Guide Dog Gazette is a bi-monthly e-newsletter filled with stories about CNIB Guide Dogs, Ambassador Dogs and Buddy Dogs, as well as tips for dogs in training, firsthand experiences of handlers, and more!

Subscribe to the Guide Dog Gazette! This is where you'll learn how CNIB Guide Dogs is transforming the lives of Canadians with sight loss. Funded by charitable donations and enabled by the selfless contributions of volunteers, our innovative programs and powerful advocacy are changing what it is to be blind for guide dog handlers across Canada.


Inscrivez-vous pour recevoir La Gazette des Chiens-guides ! C’est ici que vous apprendrez comment les chiens-guides transforment la vie des Canadiens ayant une perte de vision. Financés par des dons et rendus possibles par les généreuses contributions des bénévoles, nos programmes innovateurs et puissantes initiatives de défense des droits et intérêts changent ce que cela veut dire que d’être aveugle d’un bout à l’autre du Canada.

A woman and her Golden Retriever guide dog cross the street.

About Guide Dogs

Whether it’s avoiding obstacles, stopping at curbs and steps or negotiating traffic, guide dogs foster independence for their handlers. Guide dogs are among the most highly trained dogs in the world, performing tasks that require intensive standardized training, and are specifically trained to assist someone who is blind or partially sighted with mobility.
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Other Working Dogs

There is still much confusion surrounding the differences between guide dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs and emotional support animals – particularly about the rights and legislation that protect them.
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In all of Canada's 10 provinces and three territories, legislation prohibits discriminating against a person with a disability who is working with a guide dog. Discrimination includes denial of access to any premises to which the public would normally have access.
A woman rides up an escalator with her guide dog.

Rights & Responsibilities

Business owners have a responsibility to ensure the rights of guide dog teams are respected – meaning business owners cannot deny access or refuse service to guide dog teams.
A Golden Retriever guide dog in a harness.

Guide Dog Etiquette

If you encounter someone and their guide dog, please follow proper guide dog etiquette to ensure the safety of the guide dog team.