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A woman rides up an escalator with her guide dog.

Rights & Responsibilities

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Know your rights and legal responsibilities regarding guide dog access

Business owners have a responsibility to ensure the rights of guide dog teams are respected – meaning business owners cannot deny access or refuse service to guide dog teams.

If a guide dog’s behaviour is inappropriate, the business or organization has the right to ask the guide dog handler to leave. Inappropriate behaviour generally means the guide dog is not under the handler’s control (such as barking after being told not to, or jumping up).

It is unacceptable to ask for proof that a dog is a guide dog, unless it is behaving inappropriately. It is best practice to assume the guide dog is a qualified guide dog, unless given reason to think otherwise. When competing rights are an issue – such as allergies – a compromise needs to be made to maintain the rights of everyone involved.

To show your support for guide dog teams in your community, become a Guide Dog Champion.