Ashley and Danika with two Lab/Golden Retriever crosses (one black and one yellow) wearing graduation caps.

Success Stories

A collection of stories about CNIB Guide Dogs making a difference out in the community!

A young boy kneels on the grass and reaches towards a Golden Retriever.

Zach & Elsie

Zach, a 12-year-old boy with sight loss, has been practicing his orientation and mobility skills for many years with the goal of partnering with a guide dog someday. So, when CNIB Guide Dogs approached his family with an opportunity to partner with Elsie, a Golden Retriever who has been trained as a Buddy Dog, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.
A black Lab/Golden Retriever sitting between a woman's legs.

Cindy & Barney

When CNIB Guide Dogs officially matched her with Barney, a black Labrador/Golden Retriever cross, she was immediately overcome with feelings of gratitude and joy.
A Golden Retriever sitting on the grass in front of the Lake Joe dining hall.

Meet Willow, a CNIB Ambassador Dog

As an Ambassador Dog, Willow's role is to help raise awareness about guide dogs, introduce people to the benefits of guide dogs, and ensure societal acceptance and appreciation for guide dogs.
A woman and her Golden Retriever guide dog sitting in the passenger seat of a car.

Kelly & Maple

Kelly Picco used to dream about having her own guide dog. When she first met Maple, a two-year-old Golden Retriever, she was overjoyed that her dream had come true.
A dog in a CNIB Guide Dogs yellow vest walking with a boy using a white cane.

Mason & Queenie

Mason, a 9-year-old boy with sight loss, couldn't wait to meet his Buddy Dog, a Golden Retriever named Queenie. The night before she arrived, he was so restless with anticipation that he could hardly sleep.

The bond was immediate. After spending five minutes together at his home in London, he exclaimed: “I love Queenie!"
A Golden Retriever in a yellow harness.

Larissa & Piper

"I'm a fast walker and I was finding that I had to slow down to avoid obstacles," says Larissa. "Places I wasn't familiar with would cause me a lot of anxiety and I thought that a guide dog would help ease some of that."
Danika hugging a Lab/Golden Retriever cross in a yellow harness.

Danika & Ulysses

When Danika Blackstock met her guide dog, Ulysses, she knew CNIB Guide Dogs made the perfect match.

The University of Waterloo student needed a guide dog that would excel at navigating a busy campus and be ready to sleep during lectures.
A young boy and a Golden Retriever in a yellow vest.

Marco & Baker

Marco didn’t know what to expect when CNIB Guide Dogs came to his home with Baker, a 2-year-old golden retriever. He was uncomfortable with dogs.

But, after Marco petted Baker with his bare foot, he decided it was time to take his new Buddy Dog for a walk.