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Junior grade lesson plans

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Lesson 1:  Guide Dogs are not Pet Dogs


• Identify purpose and audience of media texts
• Create a variety of media texts
• Identify techniques and conventions appropriate for different media
• Identify appropriate forms and explain why it's a better choice



Ask students who has a pet dog.  Have a discussion about favourite times with their dogs. Ask students who don't have dogs if they have had experiences with dogs and discuss the positive and negative experiences.


1. Ask students what they know about guide dogs. Through the discussion cover all the points in the teacher background sheet.

2. Ask students: "Why do you think guide dogs have access to public places when pet dogs don’t?" Emphasize that because of their two years of training, guide dogs are expected to behave differently than a pet dog and so the concerns with regular dogs in public don’t apply.

3. Explain the laws in Canada: Although laws vary province to province, in every province it is a violation of the Human Rights Act to deny a person access to facilities or services because of a physical disability, including reliance on a service dog. Fines range from $100 to $5,000.

4. Have students do an internet search on cases of access denial for people with their guide dogs.

5. Students will design a public awareness media item:

  • Brochure
  • Poster
  • Radio or TV PSA commercial
  • Letter to the editor of a newspaper

6.  Send finished products to CNIB Guide Dogs to be featured on our website!