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Advocacy programs

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Self-Advocacy Workshops
Self-advocacy is speaking up for yourself. It could be as simple as stating that you need to sit at the front of the class or you need materials in an accessible format. It could be a volunteer or employee explaining that they need a speech output program or screen reader. Or it could be a person pointing out it is their right to have access to a treatment or telling someone not to pet or distract their guide dog. During these one to two day workshops, Barefoot Facilitation and our own Shelley Adams provide you with the training, tools and resources, so you are empowered to drive your own campaigns forward. 

This page and our online calendar will be updated when these workshops are scheduled in communities across Nova Scotia.

Individual Assistance
CNIB’s staff is available to help walk you through advocacy issues you may face in your community. This may include situations that arise as a result of discrimination or because the perpetrator is not aware of the law. It does not include situations resulting solely from a misunderstanding or difference of opinion.

If you have a concern, please contact Shelley Adams at shelley.adams@cnib.ca or call 902-453-1480.

Other Resources
The CNIB Website provides a great deal of additional resources for people requiring help advocating for their needs. You can find them here!