Award winner, Kelsey Chan, stands at a podium and reads her award winning braille submission. Karen Brophey stands next to her.

Explore the Award Winning Entries!

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Every year, the CNIB Braille Creative Contest awards cash prizes to primary and secondary students (grades K-12) in recognition of their award-winning entries! Here you'll find a collection of some of these award-winning stories and poems. Prepare to be entertained by their creative minds!

From our 2020 winners

Alethea Moroney

Dalaynie Conn

Deepa Carroll

Eitel Houédakor (en français)

Juliet Pinter

Makayla Conn

Matthew Silvius

Nathan Thomas

Sofia Idone

From our 2019 winners

Literacy at your fingertips – Meet Ali

Braille is my way of communicating – Meet Mélodie

The CNIB Because Braille Podcast also interviewed three of last year's winners. Take a listen (English only):