a young woman uses a braille note. 

2019 Braille Creative Writing contest Winners

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We are thrilled to share the list of winners for the CNIB Foundation’s  annual braille creative writing contest.

This important competition celebrates braille literacy since 1997. 

Group 1 Story Winners

1st prize Kelsey Chen (Richmond, BC)

2nd prize Janna Cheung (Toronto, ON)

3rd prize Japji Thiara (Surrey, BC)

Group 2 Poetry Winners

1st prize Ali Zaben (Glouster, ON)

2nd prize Mélodie DeRavel (Laval, QC)

3rd prize Yasmin Ingram (Toronto, ON)

Group 2 Story Winners

1st prize Zara Gandhi (Markham, ON)

2nd prize Huseyn Eyyubov (Edmonton, AB)

3rd prize Makenzie Bryan (Port Hawkesbury, NS)

Group 3 Poetry Winners

1st prize Benjamyn Francey (Souris, MB)

2nd prize Emy Poirier (Sainte-Julie, QC)

3rd prize Ava Henderson (Burnaby, BC)

Group 3 Story Winners

1st prize Zachary Abdalla (Calgary, AB)

2nd prize Humnah Tahir (Brampton, ON)

3rd prize Dalaynie Conn (Tiny, ON)

Group 4 Poetry Winners

1st prize Adithi Baskar (Mississauga, ON)

2nd prize Eitel Houedakor (Verdun, QC)

Group 4 Story Winners

1st prize Macara Slobodian (Winnipeg, MB)

2nd prize Gabrielle Close (Lower Sackville, NS)

3rd prize Ardewan Mosa (Calgary, AB)

Honourable Mention:

Gabriel Martel

Jakob Dawe

Linda Cotter

Laura Rushforth

Shayden Bourgoin

Maya Shamas

Connor Mondoux

Noemy Turcotte-Yank

Cedric DesRosiers

Evann Couturier-Thompson

Chloe Larkin

Lliana Jovanovic

Ahmad Kammoun

Nayab Tahir

Amna Tahir

Lilly Strebinger

Apsara Kum-Genest

James Leonard

Malcolm Gamblin

Ewan Massy

Rayyan Khan

Yigit Haybat

Dani Evans

Alecs Dobaczewski

Miles Arthorne

Joe Galipeau


Thank you to Michèle Marineau, our 2019 Judge

picture of Michele Marineau, the 2019 Creative Writing judge

Michèle Marineau is a Québec-based two-time winner of the Governor General's Award. She has published books for both teenagers and children, and her adult mystery, La troisième lettre, received both public and critical acclaim. Her books have also been published in France and translated into other languages.

Over the last 30 years, Michèle has engaged with thousands of readers in schools, libraries and book fairs, across Québec and Canada as well as in France and Belgium.

Michèle lives in Montréal and Isle-aux-Grues, an island in the St. Lawrence River, with her husband, writer François Gravel.