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Audio Book Club Volunteer

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Monthly, 1.5 hours plus reading the book



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CNIB hosts a monthly audio book club over the phone, which is attended by people in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Each month, one person will be responsible to be the leader. This includes:

  • Reading the whole book
  • Making a list of questions
  • Finding a replacement if you aren’t able to attend and providing a list of questions to that replacement
  • Using the moderator code to call in
  • Leading discussions over the phone
  • Making sure everyone has a chance to speak

 The other volunteers will be there to support. This includes:

  • Reading at least part of the book (ideally the whole thing)
  • Calling in with a participant code
  • Keeping track of who has spoken and making sure everyone has a chance to talk
  • Adding to the discussion if participants are quiet
  • Conduct reminder calls a week before each meeting.
  • Volunteers will rotate through these roles, taking on the role of Leader every three months.
  • Overtime, volunteers will step aside as participants take over the role of the leader. If this successfully happens, all three volunteers will be there to support the leader participant.
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If you are interested in this position, you can apply to join our team today by using our online application form.

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