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Driver & Sighted Guide

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Occasional in city trips (2 to 4 hours)

Occasional road trips (1 to 3 days)


Starting in Halifax

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The CNIB Foundation is looking for volunteer drivers and sighted guides to bring staff with vision loss to meetings and appointments.

In this role, staff will schedule directly with you and will provide as much notice as possible. In city trips will be made using the CNIB car. If that car is not available and you’re willing to use your own, we would pay mileage. It is the staff persons responsibility to try and schedule you and their meetings when a car is available.

There will be a number of out of city “road trips” to communities like Sydney, Antigonish, Yarmouth, etc. These may be one night or multiple nights. On these “road trips” you would be driving a CNIB car or a rental. You would have your own hotel room and meals would be paid for by the staff person (up to $10 for breakfast if it’s not included in the accommodations, up to $15 for lunch, and up to $25 for dinner). We anticipate at least 4 of these style trips annually.

Benefit of position

This is a great opportunity for someone who is retired or anyone with free time that wants to explore the city and province at no cost to themselves! You will be driving a new car/rental, have meals and hotels paid for, and get to see all that Nova Scotia has to offer!

Qualities, Skills and Training

Clean drivers abstract

Clean criminal record check

Excellent driving and social skills

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