Young YouTubers talk about dating with sight loss

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If you fall down the YouTube rabbit hole, you'll find thousands of videos about dating, relationships and falling in love. But most of them are from the perspective of people who are sighted. What's it like to date if you're blind or have sight loss? Check out these videos from some of our favourite blind YouTubers to find out…  

Lucy Edwards's dinner date tips 

In this video from YouTuber Lucy Edwards, we get a few tips for going on a dinner date if you're blind… 
Still image of Lucy Edwards video

Samivaya JD's online dating experiences

In this video, YouTuber Samivaya JD talks about his experiences online dating as a person with an invisible disability… 

Still image of Samivaya JD video

Molly Burke's first date 

In this video, YouTuber and motivational speaker Molly Burke tells the story of her first real date…   

Still image of Molly Burke video

James Rath's relationship 

In this video, James Rath and his girlfriend talk about what it's like to be in a relationship where one partner is sighted and other has sight loss. 

Still image of James Rath video

How Cayla with a C met her husband 

In this video, Cayla talks about dating with sight loss and how she met her husband.  

Still image of Cayla video

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