Voting in Alberta

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According to estimates from Elections Alberta, a record-breaking 140,000 Albertans voted on the first day of advance polling Tuesday (April 9), ahead of the official election day on April 16. 
If you haven't cast your vote yet, here are a few helpful things to know about accessibility in this election.

Vote Anywhere
First of all, you can go to the polling station that's easiest for you to get to. Eligible voters in Alberta will be allowed to vote in advance at any polling station in the province for the first time in a general election, following changes made to Bill 32: The Act to Strengthen and Protect Democracy in Alberta in 2017.
The advance polls will be open through Saturday. Hours vary from location to location, with the majority being open from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m.
Times and locations of the advance polling stations can be found on the Elections Alberta website, or by calling 1-877-422-8683.

How to vote if with little or no sight
Elections Alberta offers a few tools to assist voters with a visual impairment. Their goal is to make the process of voting simple and easy, and to help you vote on your own.
If you need help voting, please speak to the deputy returning officer at your poll – ask who that is when you arrive. They can offer:

  • A large-print ballot
  • A magnifier, or
  • Use of a voting template. Your ballot will fit securely inside this template.

Otherwise, if you’d prefer, you can choose to bring a friend who can help you fill out the ballot.

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