Puppy love: Ottawa Senators fall in love with future guide dog, Rookie

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Ottawa Senators players play with puppy in locker roomHere's a riddle for you… What's small and furry and has 23 foster dads in the NHL? 

The answer? A CNIB future guide dog named Rookie!

This past December, the Ottawa Senators became the first NHL team to take on the role of volunteer puppy raisers for a CNIB Foundation future guide dog. It was clear from the moment the then-unnamed puppy tumbled into the Sens' locker room, the players were in love. 

These rough 'n' tough athletes melted when the pup, a 13-week-old male, bombarded them with kisses and cuddles. The players immediately brought the little guy out onto the ice for an adorable, but less-than-graceful slide around the rink. 

Immediately, the Senators organization put the call out to fans to help name the little pup. Suggestions rolled in by the thousands and the very appropriate name of Rookie was eventually chosen. 

The Sens are raising little Rookie for the next year, until he's ready to start his formal training with our guide dog trainers. In the meantime, Rookie couldn't have a better start in life. He'll have a front-row seat at dozens of NHL games, get attention from thousands of fans, and have 23 foster dads to play and cuddle with. Not a bad puppyhood, huh? 

Check out the video below for a look at Rookie's first day with the Senators…


Still image of Ottawa Senators puppy video

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